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Delivery Information

The online shop of company "Garant and Partners" delivers jewelries the personal service of delivery. Also a commodity leaves by means of postal service Nova Poshta.

Cost of courier's delivery

Delivery on Kyiv by a courier from the office of company at an order up to 5000 UAH., makes 50 UAH.

Delivery to the amount of a more than 5000 UAH - free of charge.

Period of realization of order

Commodities in a presence usually leave in the day of order. To co-ordinate time of delivery it is needed to contact with the manager of company, that afterwards confirmations of order of contact with you and will report this information.

Improper pin information(incorrect address and telephone number) can serve reason to the unplanned hitch. Enter the personal data in the obligatory fields, make sure of rightness of the brought in information in the process of processing order. Confidentiality is guaranteed, the given data are used only for treatment of order.

Every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. hours delivery of jewelries comes true. The commodities booked at the weekend will leave from a next working day.

Point of delivery

Indicated address at processing order, checked up usually in the telephone mode by the manager of company, delivery is whereupon executed. At a necessity delivery of commodity elsewhere, please report about it.

Rules of delivery

After an order shiping-list and invoice is given out with the bill of goods, their amount and price that must be learned by rote by printing of recipient. The indicated cost of commodities in the got documents is eventual and can not be corrected a courier. A price is separately taken away for courier's delivery.

Attention! We ask all customers of our products to specify technical descriptions of the chosen commodity for the employee of company to the moment of performing of purchase. After the receipt of the booked commodity, necessarily check up him in the presence of damages, and also check up accordance on description and image on our web-site. If mechanical damages were not educed and their absence was confirmed by a client, then in future similar statements and complaints concerning off-grade products are not accepted. Although in our practice such situations are rare, in order to avoid conflict situations carefully and attentively check up every detail. In case of origin of questions or wishes contact with us on next contacts:

Phone numbers: (050) 418 34 63, (044) 257 72 61

Email: sale@garantpartners.com.ua