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Checkers "Gods against the Titans"

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Checkers are a valuable board game that has been manufactured repeatedly and independently of variou..
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Historical Chess

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Bronze chess on a marble plaque with figures of medieval warriors look stylish and exquisite. Souven..
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Spanish Chess

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Spanish chess is a real work of art, combined with an exquisite design of figures with precious meta..
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Board games

A board game is a kind of companionable game, based on the manipulations included in the kit of the game kit inventory. All items on the idea should be placed on a table or game board, without taking up much space. In entertainment can take part from one to 10 or more people, it all depends on the rules and additions. This section presents elite board games, which include items made of expensive materials.

Traditional board games in jewelry art

Exclusive board games are equipped with special boards, which include natural stones. On the surface of the playing field, players begin to play the game, place the pieces in the right places and move them according to the rules.

In traditional board games, there are usually interesting requirements for the movement of chips or figurines, changes in their trajectory - for example, a horse's jump in chess. Field layouts on the game board are different, often they are squares or hexagons.

Exquisite jewelry for a pleasant pastime

Classic board games, such as chess, can have different shapes of game figures, their diversity is limited to human imagination. In the jewelery online store of the company "Garant and Partners" presented expensive table games - the component is made of marble, jasper, bronze, silver and gold inlaid with precious minerals.

The advantages of VIP table games from the manufacturer "Garant and Partners":

  • Price without a cloak
  • Filigree articles from the masters of the jewelry industry
  • Customization by customer layout
  • Manufacturing of different levels of complexity
  • Engraving on prestigious gifts

This product has a relaxation function, imagine only what pleasure you will bring only tactile feelings in the game, if every detail is a jeweler's masterpiece. The product can become a family rarity with family heraldry, or a worthy gift for a respected person who loves logical and intellectual entertainment.

For more accurate information on creating and buying an exclusive board game, please contact the company managers at the phones listed on the site.