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Choose a suspension: what should you consider?

Choose a suspension: what should you consider?
October 24th, 2017, Гарант и Партнеры,

Pendants belong to this category of jewelry, give us space for choice, unlike the same bracelets or earrings. However, even when choosing pendants, there are several rules that you can not forget about

1. The pendant must match your style

"Classics and only classics" - is it about you? Then choose the corresponding product. For a colorful dress with a hint of ethno-tunes suitable accessories with characteristic Indian, African or Ukrainian motifs will suit. Retro decoration will complement the exquisite evening dress, and classic business suits like classic pendants without annoying inserts.

2. Each suspension has its own high point

For everyday, an appropriate way to complement the image will be a small elegant suspension, while special situations ask for special accessories with bright colors and finishing techniques. The same rule applies to age: the younger the girl, the more original and unusual & nbsp; can be her accessory, while experienced ladies should choose elegant and stylish pendants of classical forms, decorated with stones.

3. Hide your sets in the closet, if it's not diamonds or pearls

Modern fashion is so remarkable that it gives more and more freedom to women of fashion. Therefore, now it is not necessary that your suspension is in one set with earrings and a bracelet. However, this rule does not work if it is a question of such a gold classics as pearl and diamonds.

4. How many women - so many pendants

When choosing a suspension, consider your own proportions of the body. For example, if you have a short neck, then an elongated shape pendant with a chain of medium length will suit you. Low girls should forget about accessories with a long chain and massive pendants.

5. You can always find something of your own

The rules of the rules, but where to look for that very suspension? In this situation, the diversity of jewelry will be saved, accessible to each of us.