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Collar with your image, logo

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Additionally you can: Order individual delivery Apply laser engraving Receive a letter per..
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Gold lavalier with your monogram

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A gold pendant with your monogram is made by the company "Garant and partners". In the catalog of ou..
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Lavaliere "Coat of arms of the family"

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A gold pendant with the family coat of arms is undoubtedly an excellent gift for people who prioriti..
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Pendant "Eye of the Dragon"

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The Golden pendant "Dragon eye" is made of 585 gold. The product is presented in the form of a drago..
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Pendant "Key"

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Gold pendant "Key" - a wonderful product, decorated with stones SWAROWSKI. The pendant is made of 58..
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Pendant "Turtle"

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The gold pendant is made of 585 yellow gold. Instead of a shell, the turtle has a beautiful stone of..
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Pendants are one of the most ancient jewelry - adorn the neck for several millennia. Since the Paleolithic times, materials and technology have changed with the help of which pendants are made, but the joy of creating and owning them has not changed. With this in mind, the company "Garant and Partners" represents a wide range of jewelry - from classic gold, silver to pendants and pendants with pearls and precious stones.

Pendants for men and women

The pendant for a neck in ancient times was used both for ritual purposes, and in demonstration of the social status. Warriors wore fangs, claws of killed predators, suspended on a string of leather. With the improvement of the jewelry industry, these products acquired a more elegant appearance, the craftsmen of their craft, using precious metals and precious stones, took up the manufacture.

Gold pendants look brilliant, no doubt, this is a unique product that will add special attractiveness and confidence to each girl. Jewelry online store of the company "Garant and Partners" presents gold pendants and pendants with your monogram, family coat of arms, pearls and precious stones.

Types, models of pendants and coulombs

Types of coulombs:

  • Jewelry pendants - jewelry with precious minerals in a rim of noble metal.
  • Pendants with semiprecious stones
  • Coulomb-figures. Often there are silhouettes of animals
  • Religious Pendants
  • Pendants with the image of the sign of the Zodiac

Amulet for happiness, family memo, symbol of peace and good - the suspension can play the role of an object bearing sentimental value. This is an excellent idea for a gift. The assortment of our site is varied. Jewelry of various designs and sizes is presented. Each model is executed with high precision and attention to the smallest details. The catalog contains modern offers that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Models of coulombs and pendants:

  • Without rim
  • Without insertion
  • With gem inserts

Buy pendants and pendants in Kiev from the manufacturer

Buy a gold pendant with a precious stone you can in the online store "Garant and Partners." The company is a manufacturer and manufactures premium and souvenir products in addition to jewelry. If you liked the presented pendant or suspension on our website, there is an opportunity to make them to order with specific changes. A brilliant gold pendant with a diamond will be a wonderful and durable gift that will cause admiration for many. Custom produced jewelry for you by experienced jewelers, who take pleasure in the creative process.