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The company "Garant and Partner" suggests to make the gold cuff-links of "CÍRCULOS DE FUEGO" on an o..
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The golden cufflinks "CÍRCULOS DE FUEGO" are presented in the form of a dragon - a symbol of power, ..
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Cufflinks TIGRE

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Yellow gold cufflinks "TIGRE" are decorated with smoky quartz and have the form of a predator from t..
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Cufflinks to cuffs are an ideal way to add to each male style the brilliance of timeless classics. In order to achieve the effect of unusual elegance, the best option is to buy cufflinks. In the catalog of the jewelry store of the company "Garant and Partners" there are gold and silver cufflinks decorated with noble minerals.

The product became fashionable at the beginning of the XIX century. In those days cufflinks were decorated with gold, often complemented with evening dresses. They had different forms, the products on animal motifs were popular. In the first half of the twentieth century, cufflinks were less decorated with the shape of a simple disc and made of metal or mother of pearl, in some cases a precious stone was added.

Wide choose

Stylish shirts can not do without similarly stylish cufflinks to cuffs. Therefore, the cufflinks for men, which we offer are produced of the highest quality of stainless metal. Comprehensively combined with the colors of the classic men's wardrobe and emphasizes the individual style. Cufflinks jewelry allows you to express without words the taste, preferences and position of the owner. They cause respect and admiration of others, emphasize the formal nature of the attire and individuality. Therefore, it is worth adding to your arsenal with at least one high-quality cufflink.

In the collection "Garant and Partners" presented jewelry is made of precious metals, thanks to which cufflinks are durable, retain their ideal appearance, are not covered with patina and do not change color. The buyer can choose a clasp suitable for the situation and the atmosphere. This is an ideal accessory for those who like to surprise with non-obvious solutions.

A variation of cufflinks on the concept of execution:

  • Classic - strict geometric forms, minimal scenery
  • Men - strict, large, soft colors
  • Female - bright, with inserts of stones
  • Thematic - correspond to a hobby, a profession, an event of a wearer
  • Unusual - non-standard colors and shapes
  • Functional - in the form of sand or mechanical watches, compasses, USB-drive

Stylish attribute from the manufacturer

Cufflinks to order of different levels of complexity are made by the company "Garant and Partners", using gold, silver and precious stones. This is a necessary detail to the shirt of every elegant man. On the site the buyer will find original copies that perfectly complement your outfit. Golden cufflinks in combination with quartz, onyx, topaz, diamond, amethyst, as well as heraldry and initials you can find in our online store. In order to buy jewelry with individual design - call one of these numbers and discuss all the details with the manager. Everyone will find something for themselves, as a last resort we will produce by order.